Have You Heard of Google Brain?

A brain child of research team at Google, the Google brain is essentially a deep learning artificial intelligence. As part of a unique project in the year 2011, three people started to collaborate on a common platform to build an enormous and powerful deep learning software system. These three men were Jeff Dean who was a Google Fellow, Greg Corrado who was a Google Researcher and Andrew Ng who was the professor at Stanford University. Andrew Ng had already had some good experience and was set to crack the problems of artificial intelligence. They devised the technique to crack the problem by placing it on top of Google’s cloud computing infrastructure.

Andrew Ng-Google Brain co-founder

It later on became very successful that it covered up all the costs of the research expenses that were earlier known as Google X project. The whole concept was based on the idea of mimicking some parts of human brain so that further development on the technology and use of software could be made to bring in further progress in all levels of human intelligence. As more progress was necessary the project later on hired several top researchers and experts to take the evolving technology to newer heights.

Entry of Formidable Artificial Intelligence

What started as a basic research soon blossomed to what is today known as artificial intelligence. In the year 2016 Google Brain did a unique experiment to prove whether it was quite possible for machines to replicate humans in the future. For this they aimed their objective of their research to that of encrypting communications.

In this test, two sets of cryptographic algorithms were generated by AI’s to protect their communication from another AI. Here, it was later found that two original AI or Artificial Intelligence were able to learn and create and develop their own communication right from start without human help. This test was so successful that it began a sort of race to make the artificial intelligence imitate many other parts of human intelligence.

The three AI’s that were created were known as Alice, Bob and Eve. Here one AI called Alice sends a message to Bob another AI and who would decrypt it. Not that simple as the experiment was set out to do. But meanwhile during this process yet another AI by the name of Eve would intercept this message and try to learn it. These three AI’s would be operating without any specific inputs from human beings and that meant that they would be on their own to do these tasks. What later on followed was one of the most remarkable achievements in this area. All three AI’s could on their own devise their own encryption system without the use of any pre-designed cryptographic algorithms.
The test was at once successful and set the stage for further evolution of Artificial Intelligence and gave further boost to Google Brain teamwork.

Architecting and Training of Network

The Google Brain team went on to work in earnest with several promising researches that gave them ample scope with more areas to be explored where real world application of artificial intelligence held enormous potentials. In order to accomplish this formidable position of world wide artificial intelligence or AI or as some call it machine learning, the team went on to create a huge neural networks for the purpose. This was stated to be the largest in the world.

With around 16000 computer processors the Google Brain team could now begin to go in-depth study by first feeding thumbnails images or cats. This was taken from YouTube videos without informing the AIs as to the nature and appearance of cats. Much as anticipated the machines clearly able to identify the cats and themselves were able to make a digital image of the cat. The AIs did this by taking into account various other random inputs and other pictures of the cat and became thus smart enough to move on their own.

The whole thing of such super machines or software programs having their own intelligence worked almost similar to that of the human brain. This indeed was a major breakthrough for the team and for the whole world. The team were now re-enforced with the belief that over a period of time computers may set off a range of task just by the random inputs fed into their software system through algorithms. This naturally set forth for the foundational work from where other robotics would soon evolve.

Future of Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning

The future of AIs is immense and no words can actually express the substantial improvement it may bring forth for the human beings. The Google Brain team work would be carrying out further researches so that there would be machines in future that would mimic the human brain rather easily. The impacts of artificial intelligence and machine learning could span across so many different industries. A particular industry that tends to adopt new technology quicker than others that you might not expect is the adult industry. Pornography and sex sites are already taking advantage of virtual reality capabilities and AI and machine learning will not be far behind. The implication for the innovative adult products and services that a fuck site willl be able to offer will be astonishing. When it comes to mimicking human behavior this is of course an industry that keeps a close eye on some of these evolving technologies.

However, the Google Brain team would be focusing for the moment on how machines could be made to automatically write and modify code as well. This would result in great cost reduction as well time and energy of manpower. The Google Brain team would therefore focus more on creating such new advanced intelligent agents.

Recently, the team had come out with a proposal to create unique AIs so that the neural network may become the next human kind of intelligence. These future AIs would be able to identify the code used in languages and engage in creating their own paragraphs and so on.

This would also enable the AIs to write code, edit and analyze a particular paragraph and develop unique things on their own. This isn’t an easy thing and may require a great deal of further in-depth research as the Google Brain team knows that taking AIs intelligence to the next level such as the above may require greater knowledge of the ways that such machines would behave. But the team is not lacking on experienced and enthusiastic software engineers and this too may over a period of time arrive like a dream come true.

The team had so far achieved remarkable success while applying the Google Brain technology on a range of Google products. These are Google Translate, Android Speech recognition system, Google Photos search and YouTube videos and much more. …