Open Source & GitHub

If you are a tech-savvy or you are a web developer, you must know what GitHub is. However, there are many people who might be reading or hearing about GitHub for the first time. It is a website, which is being used by developers and coders for different purposes. If we talk in the technical language, it is a service based on the cloud where the developers can store their codes, can work on their codes, and can also look after the changes that are made to their codes. There are millions of developers and coders who have registered on the GitHub website. It is a platform for the developers, where they can work along with the other coders and developers. Be it about reviewing any code or about hosting any code, or building any application or software, one can work on different types of projects on GitHub. It has been said that around 87 percent of the developers and coders use the GitHub.

To understand the GitHub in a better way, one needs to understand the basic principles of GitHub, that are Git and Version Control. Let’s know what these two are so that you can have a better understanding of the GitHub.

  • Git – It is created in the year 2005, by Linus Torvalds. It is a version control system and is open-source. This means that all the developers who have registered with GitHub, have the complete code base on their computer system. And it helps the developers in working easily on different projects by merging and branching.
  • Version Control – The version control system is very helpful for the developers. Because whenever they work on any project or create any new project, they make some changes to the codes or update the codes. At that time, the version control system helps the developers to keep a track and record of all the changes that have been brought to the codes. One can easily make use of the codes and can manage them as well with the help of the version control system. The good part about the version control system is that overwriting of the codes is there. As Git helps in making multiple copies of the codes in the repository. By making use of the version control, one can easily work by branching and merging.
  • With the help of the branching, it becomes easy to duplicate the source code by the developer. Once the source code’s duplicate part is being made, the developer can easily work on the duplicate part and can make changes to it. This will not affect the source code and the project related to it. Later on, the developer can do the merging of the source code with the code which he has created and can make it official. But this can be done only when the code works properly. Because of the version control, all the changes that are made to the code can be tracked easily. And if required, it can be reverted as well. Version Control also helps in recording the data about who has modified the code or who has restored the code or who has erased the code. One can always get the history about it.

How GitHub is helpful

GitHub’s website is helpful in a number of ways. We know it is a platform for developers but many people who are learning to code or are interested in the coding also make use of GitHub. Let’s know how it can be helpful for one in different ways.

  • Helps in finding the right tools – When you use GitHub, you come across different projects or different apps which are there in the GitHub marketplace. As there are millions of apps available on the GitHub, one can look for the right app or tool for their use. They can discover new tools easily and can start making use of them.
  • Manage Projects – It is not easy to manage all the projects and coding alone. GitHub provides you the opportunity to work with other people as well, which can help you out in your project. This is one of the reasons why GitHub is being called as developer’s social hub.

GitHub has become a strong tool for many different developers collaborating on different types of projects across different industries. The open source nature of GitHub allows for more than direct collaboration as well. The community can also be a source to view and improve previous projects similar to a current venture. Many dating apps in development take advantage of this feature. It is possible to view past projects of an adult dating site for example in order to create a meet n fuck site and monetize traffic when competing in the adult space this can be a great resource. GitHub is one of the strongest examples of the impact that open source work can have on industries and the collective progress that can be achieved.